Leading the way for custom-built laser solutions


Our solutions are designed with optimum efficiency and low waste output.

Complex Automation

Solutions are designed with complex automation to boost the productivity.

Innovative Ideas

Breaking the barrier of conventional methods to make tasks easy.

High Precision

Systems are designed to gives high precision and accurate output.


Fiber Laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Systems

Laser cutting machine from Scantech helps to take your development to the next level. Compact and sturdy design with correct selection of components makes result in quicker travel, greater accuracy and improved fiber laser power.

Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Systems

Depending on the application, content, composition and surface, we can provide the most suitable solution for laser marking, engraving or deep engraving with our diverse range of industrial fiber laser marking machines.

Fiber Laser Welding System

Laser Welding Systems

Scantech Laser combines market requirement and technology and offers an engineered program of all-round smart solutions to processing and welding applications covering an entire gamut of industrial welding to fine jewelry welding.

Pharmaceutical Systems

We provide innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry with Laser marking and laser drilling system for osmotic drugs. They are designed to deliver precision and no-damage when dealing with thermally sensitive substrates.

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