Both laser technology and robot technology are processing rapidly, with robotic laser cutting machines becoming increasingly popular in the automobile industry. Due to its technological innovativeness, flexibility and relative inexpensiveness robotic laser cutting machines are accepted and appreciated by a large number of automobile manufacturers.

Modern laser cutting is expensive. Laser cutting with the help of robots will provide considerable cost benefits compared to traditional CNC cutting machines or even 3D laser cutting machines. Robots are cheaper, acquire less space and require very low or no maintenance compared to CNC laser cutting machines.

Let’s have a look at some of the significant features of robotic laser cutting machines.

  1. Technological advantages- Robot technology is advancing significantly and robotic laser cutting machines are not exceptions. They are capable of pushing automobile industry forward. One can get high speed with accuracy and repeatability of expensive CNC laser cutting machines but without a high cost, high and low flexibility which is the main drawback of CNC laser cutting machines.
  1. Robotic laser cutters are power savers and can cut any material- A traditional cutter consumes minimum 50 kW power in total, but robotic laser cutting machines consume very low power. Also, robotic laser cutting machines can cut any strength of material provided the melting point of the material is low.
  1. They are safe- In traditional cutting machines large blades move up and down with very high speed and don’t have safety features. One’s hand can be easily get caught in it. While robotic laser cutters do not require human beings to operate it. Hence, there is no possibility of anyone to get injured.
  1. Flexible to operate- One need to invest a heavy amount on traditional cutters as they have different shaped tools required to be fitted in specifically designed parts. If you wish to make a change in any dimension, it is not possible. You have to buy a new tool and replace the previous one with it. Though the tools are not that much expensive, their maintenance cost is high because it has to be done by an expert on a regular basis. On the other hand, robotic laser cutting machines do not require physical maintenance. The changes can be made in dimensions by simply reprogramming it which requires very less time and the expenses are also very low.
  1. Cutting capability- Most modern, this means that Robotic laser cutters can achieve very high precision and can cut at exceptionally high speed. Due to this property, robotic laser cutting is very useful for any type of cutting which needs more accuracy or which is more complex. Also, they can cut thicker materials and are most efficient cutters amongst traditional laser, plasma, oxyfuel and robotic laser cutting.  

Apart from these 5 features, robotic laser cutters also save the time of changeover as they can change the program quickly.

So, now being familiar with these important features of robotic laser cutting machines, more industries will opt for them.