6 Benefits Of Hybrid Laser Welding

Hybrid laser welding is a process in which laser welding and any other welding process are combined into a single process. Another welding process can be a process such as MAG welding. The combination of laser process and the arc process results in an increase in both weld penetration depth and welding speed. The metal vapour escaping from the vapour cavity acts upon the arc plasma. Absorption of the laser radiation in the processing plasma remains negligible. Depending on the ratio of the two power inputs, the character of the overall process may be mainly determined either by the laser or by the arc. Continue reading

Portable Laser Marking Machines – Best for Automobile Industry

Laser marking technology is being used in a number of ways by people every day for decades. From deep, permanent serial number marks to beautiful designs laser technology can make the marks you require without compromising the strength and veracity of the various products. The fiber laser technology incorporated using portable fiber laser marking machine makes the marking easy. Continue reading

Know The Difference Between Laser Marking and Laser Engraving

The laser marking and engraving devices are being integrated into various industries due to their ability to undertake a number of different tasks. Another reason for the rise in the popularity of these machines is the legislation passed by the government that makes a permanent marking on products mandatory. In regular usage, the terms laser marking and laser engraving means the same thing. This interchangeability of terms can prove to be a problem in industrial context and thus it becomes essential to define these terms and enlist the difference between them. Continue reading

Uses Of Laser Cutting Machine For Architectural Models

Laser cutting machines are considered ideal for creating architectural models. There are many reasons why laser machines should be given precedence over other forms of the machine while marking architectural model; one of the reason is ease of use. The robotic laser cutting machine is extremely easy to operate; the operator has to insert a design program and the laser will do all the work. Continue reading

5 Reason Why To Use Laser Hallmarking On Jewelry

Many people are beginning to take up the hobby of creating customized jewelry. Such customized jewelry is a nice option for a gift since the person can engrave any customized message on the jewelry.

One of the best ways to put some message or design on the jewelry is engraving. One form of engraving that every authentic jewelry must possess is hallmarking. There are a number of ways in which this process of hallmarking can be done. Continue reading

How To Have A Fantastic Laser Cutting Machine With Minimal Spending

Suppliers and who support other industries with their production technology and precision equipment have several ways of providing their clients with just what they need. The top laser cutting machine manufacturers in India may be developing some of the most advanced technology in this field, but they also need to look out for customers with limited resources. To supply a company of limited means with high-precision equipment is a matter of careful planning and tactful business policies. Certain parts of these machines are super-specialty components which do not have alternatives. However, since the machine body is usually made of extremely hardy materials; you can keep this precision equipment completely functional for decades by regularly changing certain working internal components.

Continue reading

5 Simple Ways of Becoming an Expert with a Green Laser Marking Machine

Some of the most common and popular kinds if high precision laser cutting machines use Green Laser beams. The colour green is a result of using a second harmonic generator for achieving a range between 501nm and 561nm. This results in a low-intensity beam that is best suited for cutting through, or etching on the surface of materials like glass, diamond, or Nitinol.

It takes a few months of technical training and creative instinct for being good at operating such precise instruments. While most manufacturers of green laser marking machines provide standard operational training to their clients; developing the initial knowledge to active industrial applications is a matter of talent, experience, and ingenuity! Continue reading

Learn How To Utilise 3D Laser Cutting Machine To The Fullest

Most people who possess laser cutting machine use it for either one or two specific purposes. These machines have a highly versatile nature and they can be used to produce a number of things. As the 3D laser cutting machine owners are limiting the scope of their machinery, they are not making as much money as they should. In this article, I will tell you certain ways that will help you in using your 3D laser machine to its fullest extent and in the process make you more money. Continue reading