Benefits of High Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting technology has become most important part of the manufacturing process and hence it accounts for 70% of laser application industry. These Laser cutting Machines have successfully made their mark on in market with their great set of features and totally ruled out the traditional cutting technologies. There is a multitude of benefits these Laser cutting machines provides but I will try to list few of them for you below: Continue reading

5 Uses of Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

Fabric lasers are a type of solid state laser with best beam quality.The beam diameter of the fiber is smaller than on CO2 resulting in finer details in work.Fiber laser cutting machines are 100 times stronger than gas laser machine. Due to its set of great features Fiber Laser Cutting Machines find their use in wide range of applications, 5 such uses are listed below: Continue reading

More About Laser Marking Equipment

Laser marking machines are highly versatile marking machines with the ability to mark any font or image without changing stencil, die or punch etc.These machines do not use ink nor the tool bits which contact the surface material and wear it out. These features distinguish the laser marking from other conventional technologies. Laser marking is very commonly used for marking bar codes, QR codes, part numbers, serial numbers, trademarks, logos etc. Its most popular use these days is the creation of ID and smart cards to prevent frauds.   Continue reading

Why Are Laser Cutting Machines Best for CNC?

CNC, which stands for Computer Numeric Control, is used to control a machine through the means of a sequence of pre-programmed sequence of commands. CNC can be used along with various types of machines and laser cutting machines are one of them. Since there are many types of cutting machines, some are more suitable for CNC than others, however, a majority of laser cutting machines work very well with CNC. In this blog, I will be discussing the reasons why laser cutting machines are best for CNC. Continue reading