5 Simple Ways of Becoming an Expert with a Green Laser Marking Machine

Some of the most common and popular kinds if high precision laser cutting machines use Green Laser beams. The colour green is a result of using a second harmonic generator for achieving a range between 501nm and 561nm. This results in a low-intensity beam that is best suited for cutting through, or etching on the surface of materials like glass, diamond, or Nitinol.

It takes a few months of technical training and creative instinct for being good at operating such precise instruments. While most manufacturers of green laser marking machines provide standard operational training to their clients; developing the initial knowledge to active industrial applications is a matter of talent, experience, and ingenuity!

Here are 5 simple ways of really becoming an expert operator of such sensitive and high precision laser equipments –

#1 – Understanding Different Lasers: Green Lasers are designed to be more visible over longer distances; while Red Lasers are more intense. Diode lasers are used for sensory applications and digital reading, while fiber and CO2 generated beams can penetrate hard and dense materials. There are several other types of lasers used industrially, and their intensity and specifications is much more important than their color. Green Lasers are mostly used for cutting reflective materials so that the scattered residual rays can be better controlled within the machine’s primary cutting base section.


#2 – Knowing about the Technology: The best industrial high precision laser cutting machines in India are used on different materials during the production process. However, operators and technicians using these machines seldom understand laser technology as a whole; and focus more on applying it towards a specific production process. It is important the company purchasing any laser-based equipment to ensure that their engineers and technical staff are well aware of the technology behind their instruments, and how to use them resourcefully.


#3 – Evaluating the Application to Your Field: Before purchasing a UV laser etching unit or a green laser marking machine; you must evaluate the purpose of the equipment according to your particular field. Learn about the different applications these modern instruments are capable of, and how you can use the same machine for different purposes. This not only improves your knowledge and proficiency at using laser instruments; but also expands your abilities as a workshop, individual craftsman, or manufacturing company!


#4 – Learning about Upgrades and New Inventions: While there are several different designs and variations of industrial high precision laser cutting machines available in India; science is discovering new possibilities this technology as we speak. If you work with laser equipments of any kind, it is important for you to learn about these new developments and devices from time to time. Upgraded machines have lower running and maintenance costs, and are usually designed to be more productive and efficient at their task!

#5 – Keeping in Touch with the Manufacturers: If you are purchasing green laser marking machines, or laser CNC cutting units from a manufacturer in India; it is typically a long-term professional relationship. The manufacturer must provide all kinds of after sales support on these precision instruments. If you regularly keep in touch with the manufacturer, you will learn about upgrades that are possible on your old unit; as well as the latest designs and models of similar industrial equipments.

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