Brazing is a process of joining two items of metal together; a filler metal is flowed at the boundary of the two metals. The brazing process differs from welding because welding joins metal through the process of fusion but brazing joins two pieces with the help of melting a lower melting point material. The distinction between welding and brazing makes brazing a much stronger metal-joining method. Brazing can be done through numerous methods, some of such methods are as follows:

  1. Laser Brazing
  2. Furnace Brazing
  3. Induction Brazing
  4. Resistance Brazing

Out of the enlisted method, laser brazing is the most advanced, modern, and promising.

There are various benefits of laser brazing system. First of all, the laser cladding machines in India are quite robust and have a long lifetime. Furthermore, the laser cladding machine manufacturers provide warranties on their products, which means that the user can get the machine repaired at a very low cost in the future. Also, the laser cladding machines in India work through a non-contact mechanism and this significantly reduces the wear and tear of the components. All these points of laser brazing machines make them a very cost-effective alternative.

Laser cladding machine manufacturers design their machines to direct a beam to a highly specific direction. Furthermore, the heat generation of these machines can be easily controlled. The combination of both these features prevents the surrounding metal from getting damaged and distorted. The design produced from laser cladding machines in India is capable of producing the precise and efficient product. Therefore, regardless of the industry you are in, the inculcation of this machinery will certainly enhance the quality of your manufactured products. If the joining task is done through the laser brazer, there would not be any need for additional sealing. This requirement for sealing is eliminated because the finished product is very smooth.

Surely, there are several disadvantages associated with this technology, however, steps are being taken to counter the existing drawbacks. One disadvantage of this technology is its novelty; this disadvantage is losing its relevance since laser cladding machines in India are gaining significant ground. The initial cost of laser brazing machine is somewhat higher than other forms of brazing machine. This disadvantage is not quite serious since in the long run the laser brazing machine is a more cost-effective option in the long run.

On the other hand, laser brazing has many advantages. Some of them are

  • The working principle based on nonplasma process
  • The speed of operation is high, which then leads to a greater productivity
  • The splatters are reduced to a great extent
  • It can be used for the processing of brass coated or zinc coated steel
  • There is no damage to the corrosion protection