Going to make new jewelry and want it to be engraved? The first question the jeweler will ask you is, “Do you want traditional engraving or laser engraving?” and the first question arising in your mind will be, “What is the difference between them?”

Very easy or common answer to this question is, traditional engraving uses a specific machine that physically touches the metal piece to be engraved to create the message you want to be displayed. We engrave metal plates, medals, utensils and sometimes engravable plastics. Nowadays glass articles are also being engraved. We have some old trophies, may be of our childhood or some copper utensils lying at homes. They are more likely engraved with the traditional engraving method.

In recent times, there can be items engraved with laser technology. For the purpose of laser engraving, the laser cutting and engraving machine are used. Laser cutter and engraver is basically the same machine It can engrave as well as cut. It removes the top layer of the item. This carves your message fraction of a millimeter deep into the laserable item with high accuracy.  Due to this accuracy, we can also put the logos as a part of the engraved messages. For example, the logos of the jewelers on the jewelry.  Among other things, surfaces or shapes can be engraved using this method, including photos, pictures, logos, inlays, fine to thick lettering, and stamps, to name a few.

We can laser engrave glass and crystal along with wooden plaque boards, coffee mugs, pens etc. Certain types of plastic can also be laser engraved. The laser machine removes the top layer of the plastic and second colored layer discloses itself to display the message.

As far as glass engraving is concerned, we might have seen the beautiful designs engraved on window glasses or crockery. Till recent past, it was used to be done by traditional engraving method, but nowadays it is being done by laser engraving process with the help of laser cutting machine for glass. The main advantage of using this process for glass is to prevent it from breaking down while engraving. We always have this risk factor while using the traditional method, but as the laser engraving machine doesn’t touch the surface physically, laser engraving is considered as safe for glass. However, one needs to pay attention to the heat being supplied.

Whichever type of engraving process you select, it is important that your engraved message should be readable. Some people may think traditional engraving is easy to read, some may think otherwise. In reality, laser engraving is slightly easy to read as the message is burnt into the message making it darker but traditional engraving is a little bit deeper and the depth makes it easy to read also.

Both the methods have their pros and cons and it’s your decision to choose any one between them. Both have their own unique features, both are effective. And regardless of which method you choose the message engraved should be expressive, appealing and striking.