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ProClad - Industrial Laser Cladding Machine


Replacing worn components, modifying or repairing parts often is a cost centric & time consuming process. Scantech's PROCLAD provides an economical solution when compared to procuring new components. It can be applied to various processes including Die Mold Repairs, Ship Component Repairs, Aerospace Component Repairs, Oil and Gas Industry Components, , repairs of Bearing Shafts & Seats, Cylinder Liners and Pins, Hydraulic Shafts, Mining Equipment, Forestry and Agricultural Equipment.

PROCLAD uses welding and fuses new material onto old or worn out surfaces. The added new materials strengthen the original component and extend its shelf life, thus improving the overall efficiency of the machinery and reducing the expense of buying a new component.

PROCLAD uses two methods of cladding using Powder feeder & Wire feeder and is fitted with continuous temperature monitoring device to avoid micro cracks. HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) is extremely low compared to conventional cladding systems or methods.

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  • Turnkey System
  • Compact engineering
  • Monitoring sensors and small heat affected zone
  • Metallic bonding of layers
  • Fabricated part is free of split and porosity
  • Specific depositions of desired coating material
  • Completely impenetrable coating
  • Real time power measurement configuration
  • Very limited distortion
  • Low effort in pre and post processing

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