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ProSint - Industrial Laser Sintering Machine


The Selective Laser Sintering process is gaining popularity with designers and engineers in various industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Defense & Medical as complex CAD geometries can be rapidly converted into physical working models.

Scantech's ProSint is an advanced solution in Additive manufacturing that uses a powder bed fusion process to build 3D parts. ProSint is a cost effective & an affordable means to build durable, stable production parts in small quantities as well as for high volumes of components when intricate and complex geometries to be constructed.

ProSint uses laser to scan the layer of powder that has been transferred on the material and sinters powder particles together to create 3D components.

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  • High mechanic and thermal load capacity with multiple parts designing
  • Microstructural output with immediate ready to use models
  • Complex design can be made by advanced CAD file
  • Full automated, no tooling requirement
  • Creating parts with high exactness and detail determination
  • Great surface quality and superb mechanical properties

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