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Patriot - Large Format Laser Cutting


Patriot Laser Cutting Machine is an 2D Large format profile laser cutter capable of cutting sheet thickness from 0.5 mm to 40 mm Mild Steel. Patriot series can accommodate several models of different laser types and different powers. Patriot laser cutting machine is equipped with high speed servo or linear motors which results in high acceleration with accuracy. Its advance cutting head features non-contact type auto focus cutting head which can also cut sheet used for rooftop solution. Patriot series of equipment can be run on manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic modes. It can also be integrated to all kind of automation.

Patriot laser cutting machine can be equipped with Fiber or CO2 or Disk Laser with 750 W to 10 kW. Patriot laser cutting solution is cost effective, low-maintenance, low operating cost, environmentally friendly. Patriot Laser Cutting System is used by Industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Ship Building, Signage etc…

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  • Ready to begin cutting from some place other than the edge
  • Enclosed Working Station
  • Pilot Beam
  • Auto power control for small contour cutting & cornering.
  • Real time auto focus
  • Auto nesting
  • Wireless Remote Monitoring
  • Auto Tracking System
  • High Resolution Built in Rail encoder
  • Fluent possible finish during contour cutting
  • Comfortable work holding

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