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RotoCut - Rotary Laser Cutting


RotoCut Pipe or Tube Laser Cutting Machine is the most precise cutting option for processing steel tubes and pipes. The process allows for complex details and precision edge quality. Industrial pipe or tube laser cutting machines have been accepted by the industry which are becoming common for processing tubes and pipes over conventional methods due to their capability for processing at high accuracy, minimal time and eliminates further processes which saves material, time & cost. RotoCut is capable of cutting various tube shapes like round tube, ellipse tube, rectangular tube, D-type tube and other tube materials with high accuracy.

Fiber Laser is used to cut tubes and pipes which is highly flexible & cost effective as it is maintenance free, no gas required to power laser, low power consumption and extremely less consumables compared to conventional laser systems. RotoCut is highly used in applications like cylinder pipes, bike chassis, cycle chassis, pipe manifolds, fitness equipment's, exhibition equipment's, metal furniture and various other applications.

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  • To cut intricate profiles on a circular and tubular shaped parts.
  • Cutting is so accurate, almost ready to use or ready for Laser welding
  • 3D cutting
  • Auto Nesting
  • Auto tube feeding
  • Easy programming for tube cutting
  • Reflective material can be processed too
  • Cutting and drilling of circular or tubular shape component
  • Channels/areas can be cut at rapid speed with high precision

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