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ScanCut - 5 Axis Laser Cutting


ScanCut 5 Axis laser cutting machine offers high adaptability and accuracy over an extensive range of complex laser applications. ScanCut is designed for three dimensional profile cutting along with capability of cutting two dimensional sheet metal cutting. Gantry based table allows large work piece to be mounted on the table to achieve high accuracy during processing. Cutting head has ability to pan & tilt at 45 degree which gives freedom of cutting and gives access to difficult to reach areas. It can also be automated for alternate part processing which eliminates loading & unloading time while it is cutting on the other side of the table.

ScanCut 5 Axis Laser Cutting machine offers wide range of laser source and power. It is highly recommended and used product by automotive, aerospace & shipbuilding industry.

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  • 5-axis working capabilities for deep drawn, Hydro formed, tubing and Stamped parts
  • Advance software to process complex shaped parts
  • Able to adapt any changes in drawing quickly
  • Zero setup time
  • Effective or productive in relation to its cost
  • Quick and adaptable single hit creation
  • 5-axis Laser control
  • Various design can be processed by a single equipment
  • Cutting and drilling on the curve
  • Suitable for Trimming application


Power: Hikekla 58 Socket Key Set
Type: Socket Key Set
Energy: 1 L Dust Capacity
Keys: Dust Bag Indicator

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