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PortMark - Portable Laser Marking

Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine & Systems In india

Scantech's PORTMARK is an extremely versatile unit that boasts of easy mobility & convenient operation from any location. As its design integrates fiber coupled laser flexibility it is capable of marking a large range of materials sizes from minuscule to very large components that would be generally hard to fit into traditional marking systems making PortMark suitable for industries like Aerospace, Electronics, Ship Building

PortMark is easy to install and allows for quick start-up and graphical-based programming for a minimal learning curve. The device runs on individual embedded controller for on field file marking and is free of any external cooling system.

Our new portable unit etches a permanent mark quickly, clearly and neatly into glass, plastic and painted metal parts. PortMark Series offers two variants of lasers such as Y-Doped Fiber Laser & Diode Laser.

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  • Easy to carry
  • Light weight
  • Onsite Marking
  • Direct part marking
  • Useful for Marking at a Distance
  • Highly operable in Utensils, Automobiles, Rooftop sheets application
  • Pilot Beam
  • Environment-Friendly - No consumable
  • Embedded controller
  • Mark on Demand
  • Able to relocate the beam anywhere in the work envelope
  • Plug and Play


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