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ProMark - Industrial 2D Laser Marking

Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine and Systems in India

A very delicate and precise process of creating depth by eroding the surface material and thereby modifying its reflectivity is Laser Marking. Since Laser is a non-contact marking technique it has many advantages over traditional marking systems like accuracy, speed, and enhanced quality marking, being a few, for both metal and non-metal surfaces. Resolution of a single laser pulse can mark 8216 Pixels Per Inch Square (PPI).

Scantech's Laser marking systems come with different laser source technology like Fibre, CO2,Diode, YAG, UV & Green laser with variable power & frequency outputs. Our laser systems can also be easily integrated with other OEM products and production lines and are compatible with many software including SQL Database, Bar-coding, QR Codes, Graphics, Serial Numbering, Part Numbering & Scale Marking.

Through our continuous R&D, we strive to bring you the latest technology in DPM (Direct Part Marking) and metal marking and use advanced components to offer quality at the most competitive prices.

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  • Standalone marking station for Industrial Purpose
  • Pilot Beam
  • Class 1 Certification
  • Class 4 Certification
  • Easy changeover of lens to achieve different size marking areas
  • Protection window for radiation protection
  • Offline Marking
  • Wi-Fi Controlled Marking
  • High-precision vertical up & down working table
  • Appropriate for Marking, etching, tempering, removing, engraving, deep engraving applications
  • User interface for direct marking on the fly application
  • Provision for rotary marking
  • Programmed to mark on moving parts on high speed

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