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ProDrill - Industrial Laser Drilling Machine


When it comes to drilling of blind and through holes laser technology offers the benefits of high flexibility and speed.

By choosing an appropriate wavelength and power density of the laser beam, it is practically possible to laser drill all solid materials including metals, semiconductors, plastics, ceramics and even diamonds.

At Scantech, we offer one of industry's best Laser Drilling equpment - PRO DRILL. It works on solid materials like hardened steel, hard metal, ceramics and diamond by chosing the appropriate wavelength and power density of the laser beam. Pro Drill can also drill standard materials like high-grade steel, copper alloys and plastics to precision.

There are various industrial requirements in hole forms, ranging from circular to elliptical, polygon to free forms also, with various depth of bore.

Pro Drill is an ideal solution for percussion or trepan style drilling as it can drill holes at steep angles and work with difficult-to-machine materials. You can draw the benefit of producing different sizes on a 3D medium with a single set-up.

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  • Very precise and uniform outcomes
  • Capacity to deliver micro-holes
  • Multiple drilling at a time
  • Pilot beam to locate the drilling location
  • Through hole output
  • Negligible Heat affected Zone
  • No melting or deposits
  • No Burr
  • Oval, Round, Square hole shape can be achieved
  • Highly accurate locating system

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