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Scribo - Solar Cell Or Ceramic Laser Scribing Machine


Scantech's Solar Cell Laser Scribing Machine Scribo is capable of scribing various materials like ceramic wafer, silicon wafer, solar etc., with its use spanning in industries like electronics, semiconductor and solar energy. It enables ultra-narrow c-Si solar cell line scribing. The edge isolation provided minimizes the sub-surface damages such as micro-cracking. Its auto focus system directs laser pulses around the perimeter of cells, scribing narrow grooves between the finger grid and the cell edges.

Scribo professional design by a team of experts renders it power-pact features such as a superior laser beam quality, power stability, auto cool system and a precise CNC workstation. Its automated process and ease of operation enables to save on production time. Its structural construction is rigid and heavy for vibration free and high accuracy scribing & cutting applications.

Scribo offers several laser types such as Fiber, YAG, Diode, CO2, Green & UV laser to suit different applications.

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  • Long time steadiness
  • Modular set up
  • Continuous and Stable process
  • Highly advanced control software
  • Pilot beam
  • Sharp output
  • High electro-optical conversion
  • Maintenance free
  • No consumable
  • Compact Size
  • Comprehensive functions
  • Friendly man-machine interface and simple software operation

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