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ProTab L - Lab Scale Drilling Laser System


Drilling tablets with Laser is most economical and accurate method. The advantages of OROS drug release is well demonstrated like consistency in drug delivery, reduced dosage numbers, reducing side effects. OROS drug delivery system has proved importance for controlling medication delivery. Laser Drilling is advanced technology for Osmotic controlled-release oral delivery of drug also known as sustained-release (SR), extended drug release or controlled drug release.

Scantech has developed an exceptional Laser System to drill a hole in tablet at extremely high speed with high accuracy. It features various modes like Manual, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic trouble free operation with capability of producing hole size from 0.2 mm to 1.2 mm. Visual inspection at high speed measures the tablet at great accuracy and eliminates flaws in the processed tablet. Tablet drilling machine standards complies CE & CFR21. Machine ranges from batch submission to high production capability with quick changeover for multiple products and accurate whole size as per the requirement helps to release the drug by OSMOSIS Technology. Laser technique is highly preferable over mechanical technique as the quality of drill and the production speed mechanically is impossible to match.

Scantech with its inception is involved in various laser technology took challenge of making tablet drilling laser system for sustain release of drug in the year 2004, since than we have not looked back and now Scantech is Pharmaceutical Industry’s preferred choice for Tablet Drilling Laser System worldwide.

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Best for Lab Level Testing
Nominal cost for change parts
Very Low Maintenance Cost
Super Easy to Operate

Product Changeover Within 5 Minutes
Any Shape/Size Tablet Production Capability
Lowest Budget Machine ever using Laser Drill
Below options are available only for TDLS M150C/HSTDLS 1200C Models

  • Recipe based software for easy operations
  • CFR 21, CE, ISO, Poka-yoke Compliant
  • eSCADA For Tablet Drilling Laser System
  • Production Accumulator
  • Rejection Accumulator
  • 4 Level Security for the machine
  • Wide range of models available
  • Product Changeover time is less than 5 Min.
  • Single color, Bicolor, Cylindrical, Tricolor tablets can be processed by one equipment
  • Advanced Camera Inspection System
  • Advanced operating Panel
  • Large format HMI

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