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ProTab S - Softsule Marking Laser System


The continually changing scene of assembling pharmaceuticals requires instruments that are dynamic and simple to use. Machines for marking tablets and capsules need to acclimate to numerous shapes and sizes, and be equipped for changing data rapidly, all lessening downtime underway.

It's additionally vital to deliver at high speed with reduced rejection rate. The Laser Marking System does not use any kind of ink or consumables which gives an advantage of running cost reduction and overcomes the quality problem by ink printing like temporary marking, ink smudges, broken lettering, smear etc. It does not need any regular care like Ink printing System. Ink printing can spread, requires contact with the tablet which results in high maintenance cost. Considering difficulties, Laser Marking System was introduced which also benefits from counterfeiting.

Laser Marking System imprints the desired contents on the various kind of Softsules, Tablet, Gelatin capsules and hard capsules etc. This lead a non-contact process where printing head keeps on certain distance from to be marked object. Our Tablet Marking Laser System maintains high marking quality and due to light weight and compactness, it appears entirely in aesthetic look. This System consists of additional inspection system so that defective tablets due to appearance or print can be rejected.

Laser Marking System can process one or two-sided, multi- or single-lane, one or two colors, high or low output Capsules or Tablets. It is capable to changing Multiple sizes and Shapes and alter the printing data rapidly.

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  • CFR 21, CE, ISO, Poka-yoke Compliant
  • Bulk Hopper
  • 4 Level Security for the machine
  • Wide range of models available
  • Softsules, Tablet, Hard Gelatin, Soft Gelatin Capsules can be processed by one equipment
  • Camera Vision System
  • Advanced operating Panel
  • Large format HMI
  • Aesthetic Marking Appearance
  • Recipe based software for easy operations

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