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Co2 Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers USA

Carbon dioxide lasers are gas lasers which discharge infrared radiation. They are utilized for an assortment of high power modern applications. All lasers comprise of three segments: energy source (otherwise called a pump), a laser medium, and an optical resonator. The pump serves to give energy which is amplified by the laser medium. This energy is transformed into light and is reflected through the optical resonator which then discharges the laser beam.

All gas lasers depend on the excitation of gasses to amplify energy. Carbon dioxide lasers specifically are contained the accompanying components; Electrical current, A blend of gasses, A particular optical resonator.

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  • High absorption rate for common processing materials
  • Longer Rayleigh length for thicker materials
  • Quick material processing capabilities
  • Resolution is acceptable with shorter focal length
  • Cost Effective & economical for various industries
Flowing Gas CO2 Laser : When CO2 laser was constructed, Flowing Gas CO2 Lasers was the first case. This is not sealed tube it requires an dynamic pumping system and gas supply to work.

Q-Switched CO2 Laser : It is a method by which a laser can be made to deliver a pulsed output beam. The procedure permits the generation of pulses with extremely high peak power, it would be much higher than delivered by a similar laser working in CW mode. Generated pulse width is very short i.e. Nanosecond Laser.

Mode Locked CO2 Laser : A technique to produce an ultra-short pulsed output beam by equalizing the mode of waves. Pulses last for a much shorter time i.e. Femtosecond (10-15 Sec ) or Picosecond (10-12 Sec) Laser.

DC Excited CO2 Laser : DC excited CO2 Laser generally comes in Glass tube. Inside the glass tube is a blend of gasses, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, hydrogen and xenon. When electrical energy is sent through the gases in tube resulting in a direct electrical discharge and this Laser is called Electrical discharged or DC excited CO2 Laser. DC excited laser dependably needs a water coolant to work. Basically glass tube of DC excited laser breaks if no cooling stream is given. DC lasers made of glass are about 10% of the cost of RF lasers.

RF Excited CO2 Laser : At the point when CO2 lasers is excited using radio frequency (counting microwave) beam at Laser output window is called RF Excited CO2 Laser. RF Excited CO2 Lasers is encompassed in Metal tubes. RF excited CO2 Lasers generates pulses at extremely high repetitive rate and produces smaller beam spot which results in high engraving & cutting quality. Life cycle of RF Lasers is 4-5 times better than DC Excited Lasers.

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