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UV Laser Marking Machines & Systems in India

UV Laser wavelength ranges from 235 nm to 400 nm. Diode, DPSS or Nd:YAG laser are the commonly used laser to generate 1064 nm wavelength, it is than converted to Ultra Violet wavelength through third harmonic generator. It features precise temperature controller which is one of the critical part of UV laser. UV laser is colder wavelength compared to other wavelength which reduces overheating while processing as its absorption ratio on material is higher even at lesser power.

UV Laser is highly used in Holographic, Bio-engineering, Photo Lithography, Tablet Printing, Fine Marking on Plastics & Metals, Nitinol Cutting and several other micro processing applications.

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  • High marking speed
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Pulse-to- pulse stability
  • Power stability and low noise
  • Low operating costs
  • Useful for micro and marking applications

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