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ProCarbo - Industrial Laser Hardening Machine


The laser hardening technology is used in almost all branches of industry; Metallurgical engineering, Steel processing, Engineering industry, Aviation, power engineering, Automotive industry, Mining engineering and drilling technology to produce a hardened and wear resistant structure of a material's outer layer. It can be used for various materials which can be exposed to flame and induction hardening. Scantech's fully automated technology allows to harden flat surfaces, cylindrical surfaces and complex work pieces.

To harden a component, PROCARBO heats up the component's outer layers to very high temperature with velocity about 730 ˚C per second resulting in austenitic transformation. This process leads to homogenization of carbon atoms and extension of austenite in the material. It also features high speed constant temperature feedback sensor which helps to avoid micro cracks or layer melting generated during hardening process.

Materials treated with Scantech's PROCARBO have their outer layer three-times higher wear resistance than untreated material and with minimal surface deformation.

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  • Internal and External exposure hardening through selective treatment of surface producing a hard outer layer and soft core.
  • Fast operation
  • Temperature control throughout the process with up to +/- 10°K accuracy
  • Speed and High reliability of the production processes and procedures
  • High reproducibility of mass production
  • No need for additional cooling mediums like water and air
  • Energy-efficient: consumption of energy using Green Technology
  • No external media is used
  • Treated work pieces are almost immediately available for further production.
  • Minimum deformation of the component shape
  • Low installation cost

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