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RoboWeld - Robotic Laser Welding


RoboWeld laser welding has the advantage of small welding spot diameter, thinner weld seam and excellent penetration. It eliminates post welding processes. All kind of formed components used in automotive sector like door welding, roof welding, hood welding, shock absorber welding are few of the commonly used applications. Over the period, several laser welding technique is developed and advanced. RoboWeld differs from other conventional systems which features scanner based advanced laser welding system which has built-in motion axis to move around smaller length on a large components. It can improve the production time and can weld complex stitch lines at ease.

Robotic welding can be used for mass production activity where simultaneous multiple variants can be programmed to process. Robot features an operating pendent to teach with joystick function which eliminates program writing.

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  • Suitable for welding of Bent, Hydro formed Components
  • Off axes welding
  • Fast setup time
  • Grease framework provision
  • Multi task equipment
  • Pilot beam
  • Deep and narrow weld output with a uniform internal structure
  • High efficiency
  • Minimal Heat affected Zone
  • Several layer of the material can be processed once
  • Real time power measurement configuration
  • No interference
  • Vibration free set up
  • No contamination
  • CCD Monitoring provision
  • Simple to automate
  • Thin as well as thick component welding
  • High productivity


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