Most people who possess laser cutting machine use it for either one or two specific purposes. These machines have a highly versatile nature and they can be used to produce a number of things. As the 3D laser cutting machine owners are limiting the scope of their machinery, they are not making as much money as they should. In this article, I will tell you certain ways that will help you in using your 3D laser machine to its fullest extent and in the process make you more money.

Production of plastic signs and badges:

Almost all major businesses use some form of plastic sign or badge. These elements are ubiquitous and are used for a number of purposes, such as warning signs, exit, restroom symbols, no smoking sign, door sign, way-finding sign, and the list is endless. Due to their high utility, these engraved plastic signs are always in high demand. Unfortunately, there aren’t manufacturers of this product and due to this reasons, the industry with 3D laser cutting machine should start utilizing its machines for engraving the plastic signs.

The CNC cutting machine can be used for cutting the plastic and the laser component can be used to engrave the sign on the product. These machines are capable of providing all sorts of color and design to these signs. Therefore, with these machines, you will have the potential to satisfy the needs of a diverse range of customers and as consequence, you will end up making a huge sum of money.

Wood pivoting boxes:

Wood pivoting boxes are highly useful objects that can be used to put a number of things including craft items, makeup accessories, personal collections, and many other things. These boxes can be easily made with the help of 3D laser cutting machine. Furthermore, these boxes can be designed in a number of different ways, and this allows the manufacturer to give customization options. Since such customized wood pivoting boxes are rarely available in the market, you can earn a lot of profit by fulfilling the market demand.

Providing rapid prototyping services

This service is in huge demand in various fields, such as engineering, architecture, design, and construction. The prototype is used to assess the feasibility of the designed product and thus it holds an important place in any construction or building project. With the help of CNC cutting machine, a 3D prototype can be produced with much ease. Also, the time and cost of the production from this technology are much lower as compared to other methods of prototype production. Also, with these machines, the designer gets an opportunity to produce a highly complex design.

In addition to the three mentioned services and products, you can produce a number of other things that are in demand in the current market.