Our Story


Laser in our

At Scantech – we believe in “You dream it. We laser it” and living by our philosophy, since the year 1991 – the year Scantech was conceived. We have been growing younger, wiser and more energetic each passing year. What started as a modest initiative to meet profile demands of sheet metal users back then, has today, grown into a state of the art, number one laser machine manufacturing industry in the world. We have persevered ceaselessly since then, to become the leaders of the laser cutting, drilling, marking and welding machine industry, and have been recognized with 10’s of awards, 7 innovative patents, and thousands of applause – changing the face of the laser cutting industry forever.

We believe, it is our customer centric approach, where we recognize each client for their unique abilities, and work hard to innovate according to their unique strengths and

demands, that thousands of clients across the electrical, pharmaceutical, textile, jewelry, automobile and other heavy engineering industries, have applauded our laser machines, and have recognized them for their uniqueness, durability, high efficiency and affordability. We ensure that all our products are manufactured using highest quality materials and the latest, state of the art advanced laser technology, so that our clients always receive what they deserve – the best.

Along with serving our global clients with custom made laser products and applications, we also ensure them dedicated support services in hardware, software, spares & design, so that their hands never stop doing what they do, and they can ceaselessly work to ensure timely delivery of services for their clients. Just like we do for them.

Breaking the Iceberg


To inspire innovation by pro-actively building a better planet using laser as a greener tool for production over conventional tools.


To solve every - large or small - problems that customers face by implementing new ideas in development and application, with an aim to become the most eco-friendly, affordable and customer-centric laser machine manufacturing company in the world.


Passion: Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating & improving.
Integrity: We are honest, genuine, ethical, and fair. People believe in us, because we believed in our words.

Diversity: Respecting each other and facilitate working in a multicultural and diverse
environment is one of our core goals.

Give-Back: We give back to the society, not because we think it’s our duty, because we think it’s our previlege.

Environment: Our concern for the environment is of utmost importance. We try our best to
build technologies that are environment friendly and generate minimum waste.

Respect: We respect our customer for their unique requirement, and strive to innovate for their unique needs.

We Believe

We accept and comprehend that if innovation takes exertion and devours time, its quality is altogether decreased. Laser to us is not what you see, but rather what you don't see. Our answers are unpretentious yet effective, creating an impression with its effortlessness and solace. Customers are regularly amazed by what is conceivable today. We understand that conventional machines can once in a while bring down your creation and so we endeavor to mix innovation in your generation such that the trustworthiness of your vision is kept up while conveying ideal execution. We firmly believe in offering the best solutions, ethical guidance, proficient training and bother free service.