Portable Laser Marking ProMark 1000

Laser Marking

Regardless of QR code, barcode or data matrix code laser marking of a part for traceability & identification, for antipiracy or counterfeit protection of component, serial number marking for service verification of a part, for automotive components like dashboard buttons or speedometer or airbag marking, for quick personalisation of items like mobile phone or ID cards or laptops, name tags, cosmetic products etc, for corrosion free marking of stainless steel medical & surgical components which defines laser marking more versatile and adaptable or multifaceted process.

These equipment’s are very smart to fetch data and mark right from server, not just that it too verifies the information through different servers which makes these systems ready for smart factory and are designed for integration into production lines. With our diverse set of industrial laser marking machines (Multi station large size laser marking machines to portable fiber laser marking machines) we can provide the best-fit solution for laser marking, engraving or deep engraving depending on the application, material, composition and surface.

Laser Marking Process

Our Products

ProMark 1000

1000 series is a space savvy desktop use, a plug & play format fiber laser marking machine offers an advanced capability for nearly all marking solutions in various industries.

ProMark 2000

2000 series is a workhorse when it come to reliability & performance in dusty environment. This industrial fiber laser marking machine can adapt all important features to get your work done.

ProMark 3000

3000 series is a flexible solution when it comes to configure automated process as per your product line requirements. With large field size to 3D components to be laser marked.

ProMark 4000

4000 series is a daynamic system to mark on extremely large components which is difficult to load or large size to the smallest size of component with its handheld fiber laser marking unit incorporated to run on 5 kVA UPS for cable free marking operation.

Comparison - Laser vs Alternate

Laser Marking Machine Manufacturers
Laser Marking
Marking Speed
Marking Quality
Cost Saving
Dot Pin Marking Machines
Dot Pin Marking
Marking Speed
Marking Quality
Cost Saving
Laser Engraving Ink Jet Printing
Ink Jet Printing
Marking Speed
Marking Quality
Cost Saving
Pad Printing Machine
Pad Printing
Marking Speed
Marking Quality
Cost Saving

Advantages of Laser Marking

Non Contact Laser Process
Non Contact Process
High Precision & Quality Max Marking
High Precision & Quality
Flexible Laser Etching, Portable Laser Marking
Extremely Flexible
Automatic Metal Laser Marking Machine
Easy Integration

Laser Application

Laser Ablation Machine
Laser Ablation
Laser Annealing Machine
Laser Annealing
Color Engraving On Metal
Laser Coloring
Laser Foaming Machine
Laser Foaming
Laser Engraving Machine in India
Laser Engraving

Laser Options

Fiber Laser

At a wavelength of 1064, it makes fiber laser an ideal choice for metal & various types of resin. Beam is delivered through fiber cable which makes the application more flexible to mark using automation & robots.

CO2 Laser

CO2 Laser is used for high speed and high precision on-line marking.  It is extensively used for marking all types of plastics, pet bottles, glass, acrylic, wood, ceramics, films, leather and many more.

UV Laser

Ultraviolet wavelength is highly absorbed by variety of material with low heat damage, hence called Cold Marking. This wavelength is used for high contrast and fine marking requirements with low heat damage.

Green Laser

Green laser is highly recommended for heat sensitive materials like glass, crystals, thin plastics, silicon, ceramics, metals with coating. It is used for marking inside translucent materials like glass or crystals.

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