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Diode Laser Machine Suppliers in India

diode laser, is a semiconductor device that produces coherent radiation (in which the waves are all at a similar frequency and phase) in the visible or infrared (IR) range when current is passed through. Diode laser is edge emitting device and the light is generated in the junction of a typically GaAs semiconductor. The diode has short cavity length and the beam divergence of diode is much higher than other lasers, which is very good for heat treatment, hardening & welding applications.

Diode Laser differs from conventional lasers, for example, the helium-neon (He-Ne), ruby, and gas type, in a several ways from size, power consumption etc..

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  • Are less expensive and more compact
  • Ideal for small electronic devices, such as CD/DVD players and other optical data storage devices.
  • High efficiency
  • Smaller size make it ideal for a wide range of application
Diode Pumped Fiber Laser : Most Fiber lasers are diode pumped lasers which have the gain medium made up of fiber doped rare earth ions such as erbium, neodymium, ytterbium, thulium and praseodymium.

Diode Pumped Nd:Yag Laser : Diode pumped Nd:Yag lasers are formed by pumping a solid gain medium neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal with a laser diode. The process by which atoms move from low level to high level is called pumping. Diode Pumped lasers are extensively used in machining applications. Diode pumped solid state lasers have replaced Ion & Flash Lamp pump lasers in the science & technology field of work.

Q-switched Diode laser : A diode-pumped, ytterbium (Yb)-doped fiber laser system was designed and demonstrated to operate in continuous wave (CW). To generate pulsed wave, Q-switch operation is achieved by inserting some optical elements in the laser cavity. A Q-switched diode laser emits high-intensity pulsed output beam light of high peak power energy concentrated into very powerful nanosecond short pulses. In pulsed lasers by the Q-switched technique is to get stable and regular short pulses in the nanoseconds range. The best output power result was 5 Watts (W) while pumping at 8.3 Watts (W), yielding 60% efficiency peak spectral outputs between 1087-1108 nm wavelength.

Mode Locked Diode Laser : A Mode Locked diode pumped Laser can use this technique to produce ultra-short optical light pulses of very short duration.

Single Mode : High intensity beam on a small focused spot diameter of below 20 microns gives the precise high quality cutting and marking.

Multi-Mode : Low intensity beam on a large focused spot size diameter of more than 25 microns gives less accuracy and quality for cutting and marking applications.

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