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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers in India

A fiber laser is a laser in which the dynamic increase medium is an optical fiber doped with uncommon earth components, for example, erbium, ytterbium, neodymium, dysprosium, praseodymium, thulium and holmium. They are identified with doped fiber amplifiers, which give light amplification without lasing.

Fiber lasers are packed small and robust, alignment is always intact, and effectively deplete thermal energy. They come in many variants, offering innovation to other kind of lasers yet giving their own particular novel preferences. The fiber-based laser design is highly adaptable.

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  • Phenomenal Beam Parameter Product (BPP)
  • Steady BPP Over Entire Power Range
  • Higher Wall-Plug Efficiency
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • Easy 'Plug and Play' Design
  • Extremely Compact and Easy to Install
  • Higher Diode MTBF Life
  • Allows Processing of Highly Reflective Materials
  • High Photon Conversion Efficiency
  • Higher Flexibility of Beam Delivery
Single Mode: High intensity beam on a small focused spot diameter of below 20 microns gives precise high quality cutting and marking.

Multi-Mode: Low intensity beam on a large focused spot size diameter of more than 25 microns gives less accuracy and quality for cutting and marking applications.

Q-switched Fiber Laser: A Q-switched fiber laser emits high-intensity pulsed output beam light of high peak power energy concentrated into very powerful nanosecond short pulses. In pulsed lasers by the Q-switched technique to get stable and regular short pulses in the nanoseconds range.

Mode Locked Fiber Laser: A Mode Locked fiber Laser can use this technique to produce ultra-short optical light pulses of very short duration.

Quasi Continuous Wave Fiber Laser: QCW is Continuous Wave mode of Fiber Laser and in this mode it generates high peak power which is 10times more than average power. It shows that this single Laser can fulfill the both application of Pulsed and CW mode. Due to less duty cycle it overcomes the effect of Thermal Lensing or Overheating.

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